Reflective Action:
Managing My Biases


The science is unambiguous. If you have a brain, you have biases - hundreds of them! Implicit biases are cognitive shortcuts. They’re built-in bugs in our internal operating system. Biases, implicit and conscious, can have an enormous impact on our perceptions, thinking, decisions, and ways we behave toward each other. Biases are baked into organizations, institutions, and cultures, giving legitimacy to how power, privilege and access to resources is maintained. This half-day (3 hour) training program provides participants an opportunity to explore why and how we develop biases, and learn strategies to minimize their impact. It’s experiential with activities and exercises sprinkled throughout. This program will help you to improve decision making, inclusion, communication, relationships, innovation, and creativity. It’s appropriate for individual contributors, managers, and leaders at any level.


  1. Understand why and how we acquire implicit biases.
  2. Learn how unconscious attitudes and perceptions can influence behaviors and decision making.
  3. Increase awareness of tribal brain’s role in creating Us and Them dynamics.
  4. Increase self-awareness to gain agility in surfacing assumptions, feelings, and values.
  5. Introduce a framework for change.
  6. Learn and practice tools and strategies to better manage and reduce biases.


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