I provide coaching services within organizations to executives, leaders, managers, individual individual contributors and small business owners.  I also provide coaching to individuals external to organizations, such as community leaders, individuals in transition, consultants, and other coaches.  I partner with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential even in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty *  Examples of coaching services include:

  • Executives and managers for career and leadership development, including 360's.
  • Managers at risk with performance issues to enhance skills and improve work performance.
  • Executives and leaders to support change initiatives and organization development.
  • Individuals to build capacity for self-awareness and better manage for optimal well-being.
  • Individuals to better manage tranistions - personal, professional, or both.
  • Group peer coaching for individual development while learning and practicing coaching skills.
  • Team coaching to improve compatability and team performance.
  • Training programs to transfer coaching knowledge and skills to the organization.

The coaching process is a learning process and helps individuals to:

  • Learn about and unlock abilities.
  • Build capacity for self-awareness and empowerment.
  • Make positive behavioral change.
  • Take greater responsibility.
  • Own their performance and the results.
  • Remove barriers to greater progress or growth.
  • Develop and refine skills.
  • Expand their potential and possibilities.

I have coached individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and a range of motives for seeking my coaching service.  Clients keep showing up because, simply put, coaching works!

Susan holds a PCC credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF), CPCC through Coaches Training Institute, and is a member of NTL Institute's Coaching Steering Committee.  She is certified with The Leadership Circle and provides a Leadership 360 Program.


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