Dr. Susan M. Gallant provides organization and management consulting, coaching, and training. The focus is on helping clients to explore, experiment, discover and innovate.  In collaboration with the client, we plan, develop, improve, and reinforce the strategies, structures, and processes that lead to organization effectiveness.  She specializes in developing cultures where caring is genuine, competence is the norm and wisdom is honored. This is facilitated through successful change management strategies and the development of a diverse and innovative workforce.

Examples of consulting services that have been provided to clients:

  • Organization assessment: Eliciting honest and useful information about the organization from its members and turning key information into action on which people can agree.
  • Guiding leaders through a strategic planning and implementation process, which results in clarity, consensus and commitment to the actions required to innovate, adapt, and transform.
  • Helping individuals and groups who are divided by differences to hear one another and reach new levels of understanding.
  • Facilitating meetings that get things done and are satisfying.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of organizational problem solving and learning.
  • Learning and applying process improvement principles (Lean, TQM, etc.) in order to improve how work gets done and heighten customer satisfaction.
  • Developing feedback systems that enable individuals and work groups to learn from their experiences and monitor results.
  • Helping teams work through stages of development so that they can function cohesively and productively.
  • Developing and implementing a process for more efficient transitions of individuals into new management and leadership positions.
  • Assisting leaders to more effectively manage change by designing and implementing change strategies and supporting their understanding of the change process and their leadership roles.
  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics between and within organizational levels and with customers, in order to promote better working relationships.
  • Developing a training curriculum design, implementation and delivery plan which supports current and future business directions.
  • Design and facilitate management and board retreats.

* References available upon request.     


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